• To Support EarthQuake Relief: Providing safe drinking water
  Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA) has been a leading organization in the sector of social mobilization and community development. It implements various programmes so as to raise the quality of life through wise-use of available local resources and application of alternate and renewable technologies.


  • ECCA shall be a Professional Volunteer Organization dedicated towards securing sound ecological future
  • ECCA shall support the development of conservation related entrepreneurship
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News and Events

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ECCA Anniversary July 18, 2015
28 YEARS and still going ON in the path of CONSERVATION.
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS & THANKS to all the Well Wishers and supporters of ECCA.
We are still looking towards the same support from you all in coming days ahead.
Congratulations to Mr. Ashish Karna for being COUNSELOR OF THE YEAR 2014-15.
Please visit
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In the present context of urbanization and globalization, we are bounded to embrace a bitter truth that our heritage is in deteriorating stage in an alarming rate. Among various reasons, foreign imported cultures are playing an influential role to create a gap in the thinking of the youths in regard the value of our culture and heritages. Hence, in order to sow the importance of heritage in the mind of youth and the community people, ECCA organized a training program on “One School One Heritage” in ECCA Hall on 3-4 November 2014.

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  The Generation Green (TGG) Campaign
TGG envisions creating a nationwide membership of 500,000 youth, aged 16-26 years. Youth can become members of the campaign through a simple enrolment process and by pledging to abide by the values and principles of the campaign.
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  Nature Club
Nature club is one of the backbones in ECCA history. ECCA initiated concept of nature club in 1992 from Janakpur under the WWF-US programme.
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  SRBD Network
ECCA has been backstopping SRBDN a multi-stakeholder forum since 1 st January 2008.
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Award Received

  • Nepal Development MarketPlace 2008
    Nepal Development MarketPlace 2008
  • Development MarketPlace Amature Videography Contest
    Development MarketPlace Amature Videography Contest
  • Tech Museum Award 2007
    Tech Museum Award 2007
  • 2007, Tech Museum Awards (category Economic Development) (for Solar Tuki), The Tech Museum of Innovation, California, USA
    Tech Museum Award-2007
  • 2007, Global Development Marketplace Photography Contest, World Bank, Washington DC
    Photography Contest-2007
  • 2008, Global Development Marketplace Amateur Video Contest, World Bank, Washington DC
    World Bank Award-2005
  • 2001, ‘Environment Award and Cash Prize’, Ministry of Population and Environment, Government of Nepal
    Government of Nepal-2001
  • 1993, ‘Spirit of Enterprise’ (for ECCA’s unique methodology), International Rolex Award
    Rolex Award-1993
  • Certificate
    Government of Nepal-1991