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Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA) has been a leading organization in the sector of social mobilization and community development. It implements various programmes so as to raise the quality of life through wise-use of available local resources and application of alternate and renewable technologies.


Light For All

To displace kerosene lamps by solar based household lighting and promote child education

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Plant a Tree

A country, where majority of people depend on agriculture, forest for firewood, and rain

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Support a Child

Increase school enrollment and reduce drop out rate

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Safe Drinking Water

The quality of the water supply in Nepal is always the matter of questioning due to

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Solar Aid for Chepang community   If you ask about Chepangs in Chitwan, people will probably tell you to go far behind the mountains. These areas lie far from development and people are compelled to lead hard lives.  Lothar VDC is one of those remote areas which acts as a home to over 5027 Nepalese people of whom 4000 are […]
Breaking the Taboo of Menstruation In Nepal, menstrual hygiene education can play a life-changing role. It is a prioritized subject in every WASH oriented programs of ECCA and this year’s World Menstrual Hygiene Day proved to be extra special. Here’s how one of our ECCA counselors Yaji Sharma shares her account of Menstrual Hygiene Day celebration- On early morning, our […]
First Youth Experience Exchange Program Concludes with success As the first Nepalese team of Youth Experience Exchange Program was gathered at ECCA again, everyone held mixed feelings about the program coming to an end. The experience exchange idea, which had begun to take form in February, held a unique experience for every participant. But instead of simple goodbyes, the participants got a chance […]

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